Welcome to Keepsake Kaleidoscopes. If you are a kaleidoscope enthusiast or looking for a wonderful and unique gift, you've come to the right place!

Kaleidoscopes are my passion. My specialty is my floral work. I love how the intricate parts of flowers, leaves, sea shells and butterfly wings form beautiful geometric designs in the scope!

Over the years my work has grown. As you look through my site you will find a wide range of kaleidoscopes.

Custom Kaleidoscopes have been the main focus of my business. I love to help my customers tell the stories of their special person or event. A wedding, anniversary, retirement, birthday, a special trip, in memory of a loved one who has passed away, are all times to think of making a gift that preserves these memories. I provide a Keepsake Kaleidoscope Collecting Kit and spend a lot of time helping you think of items to collect. Look for more information under Custom Kaleidoscopes.

Floral Kaleidoscopes are non custom kaleidoscopes. The wheels are filled with real flowers, greenery and my signature Monarch butterfly wing. The images created are amazing. The scope body is made of stained glass and comes in many colors.

Porcelain Painting This year I added porcelain painting to my work. The painting is fired into the side of the scope and reflects the floral work of the flowers in the wheels.

Little Lighthouse Scopes are much smaller than my Keepsake Kaleidoscopes. With their polished aluminum bodies, they are much more durable than my stained glass work. The 2 mirror system brings lots of beauty at an affordable price. I love how they stand on a table or desk like a little lighthouse, calling you to relax and play for a while. A great stress reliever!

Special Edition As an artist I am always looking for new shapes and mirror designs for my kaleidoscopes. I will post pictures and information about them as they are created.

Delicate Garden Series Unique to kaleidoscope world, these kaleidoscopes feature real floral work in a glass oil cell. Amazing images!