Keepsake Kaleidoscopes
The Beauty of Nature...the Joy of a Kaleidoscope

Welcome to Keepsake Kaleidoscopes!

Ten years ago, while on vacation in Stowe, Vermont, we wandered into Stephen Fishman's Stowe Art Gallery. There I found the most amazing kaleidoscopes. I was overwhelmed by their beauty and artistry! Of course I had been charmed by the childlike scopes I had seen in the past. But this was a whole new world. I came home determined to learn how to make kaleidoscopes. And so began my journey in this art form. I have a special love for nature…the beauty of flowers and leaves, birds and butterflies. The tiny details of nature create such intricate images in the kaleidoscope! It took a while to perfect ways to include them in my kaleidoscopes. Nature and floral work are now my specialty. I continue to experiment, adding new shapes, mediums and mirror designs to my work.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Beverly

Custom Kaleidoscopes are made for a wedding, anniversary, retirement, a special event or trip, or in memory of a loved. I will work closely with you to collect items that tell the stories of your special person or event. This makes a very personal and unique gift. Go to the Custom Scopes page for more information.

Floral scopes

Red Autumn Leaves Floral Scope Floral Scope Floral Scope

My specialty is my floral work. I use real pressed flowers, leaves, ferns and butterfly wings. They make amazingly intricate designs as they pass before the mirrors of a kaleidoscope. Floral scopes come in many stained glass colors and coordinate with the flowers used in the wheels. They are 10 inches long and have a 2 or 3 mirror system. There are two wheels, 4 1/4 inches in diameter, which hold the floral work, preserved in resin. Additional stained glass is used to add more color and interest to the images. I usually have a variety in stock. Email me if you would like a floral kaleidoscope in a different color than the one listed on the Store page.

Porcelain Painting

Japanese Cherry Blossom Scope Japanese Cherry Blossom Scope Japanese Cherry Blossom Scope

I have added porcelain painting to my scopes this year. They are fired in my kiln and reflect the floral work of the wheels. It is not considered custom work but it will delay shipping a few days. The scope pictured is a Japanese Cherry Blossom Scope made for an auction to raise money for victims of the 2011 tsunami disaster in Japan.

Little Lighthouse Scopes

Little Lighthouse Scope Wee Scope Blue Mandella Little Lighthouse Scope

At 6 ¾ inches tall, these are much smaller than my other scopes. Their polished aluminum bodies make them more durable and child friendly than a stained glass scope. The 2 mirror system with optic lens brings lots of beauty at an affordable price. They come in dry cell, oil cell, and teleidoscope. I love how they stand on a table or desk like a little lighthouse, calling you to relax and play for a while. A great stress reliever!

What is a teleidoscope? It is the scope with the clear ball pictured above. It allows you to view your everyday world in absolutely magical ways. Every object and color takes on new life as it is seen through the 2 mirror system.

Vase Teleidoscopes

I love to try new ideas and designs for scopes. With my floral work, a vase was a natural new direction. Each vase is my own original scope design. I make them in stoneware for durability and glaze them in a variety of colors and glazes. Shown here are Night Sky and Strawberry. The middle vase is Wild Roses and Blackberries, one of my original hand paintings. Each vase has a narrow 2 mirror system and a crystal ball. Through the teleidoscope you will see your home, your garden, your family and friends turn into amazing colors and images. Your world becomes a stained glass window!

Size: 7 3/4 x 2 inches
Body: Stoneware
Mirror system: 2 mirror

Bead Scope


The bead scope is my latest design. It comes with either an oil cell or dry cell.. The cells are filled with beads and pearls. These create lots of interesting images as seen through the 2 mirror system. The body is made of stained glass and comes in lots of different colors: red, green, purple, pink, etc

Size: 7 x 4 inches
Body: Stained Glass
Mirror system: 2 mirror

Limited Edition

"Heavenly Bouquet," is a limited edition of 20 scopes. The reversed taper mirror system creates an absolutely stunning image of the floral work. The mirrors form a global image which looks like a floral planet surrounded by sparkling stars. It measures 13 ½ in L x 7 ½ H. The floral wheels hold an assortment of colorful flowers including purple alyssum, rose buds, Queen Anne's lace, blue butterfly flower, ferns and a Monarch butterfly wing.

Indigo Dream: Stained Glass Parlor Scope featuring 2 mirror design & floral oil cell
Size: 7.5 x 11 x 3 inches
Limited edition of 10. Your choice of color of stained glass

Ferns & Bamboo Parlor Scope: 2 mirror oil cell featuring real flowers & greenery. Stand by master blacksmith Lyle wheeler & Bamboo Design body of scope by Kelsey Schissell.
Size: 13 x 11.5 x 7 inches
Limited edition of 10

Delicate Garden Series

After years of experimenting, I have created an oil cell kaleidoscope that features real floral work set in the highest quality of resin. I make the glass cell adding my own handmade lamp work. I have partnered with an amazing pottery artist Kelsey Schissel of I believe her pottery and intense glazes perfectly compliment my floral work.
Three floral designs: Roses & Ferns; Pink & Purple Larkspur; Ferns
Two mirror designs: 2 Mirror & Star
Three Stoneware pottery designs: Green Bamboo, Navy Peacock & Green Floral

3 Floral Designs: Roses & Ferns, Pink & Purple Wild Larkspur, Ferns

2 mirror designs: 2 Mirror & Star

3 Vase Designs: Green Bamboo, Green Floral, Navy Peacock

Galleries & Shops

Of course it is great fun to play with a kaleidoscope in person. There is a list of the Galleries and Shops around the country and Japan that carry my work. Be sure to look at the list on the Store page to see if there is one near you.