Keepsake Kaleidoscopes The beauty of Nature…The joy of a Kaleidoscope

I must have been 5 years old when I held my first kaleidoscope. I was fascinated…all those colors turning in the light! It's never changed for me. The movement and colors of a kaleidoscope always bring me joy. I began studying stained glass art for the sole purpose of creating kaleidoscopes.

I love nature: birds and butterflies, flowers and gardens. As the years passed I began experimenting with adding these to my kaleidoscopes. This has become my specialty… bringing together the beauty of nature and the joy and fascination of the kaleidoscope. It is the most amazing thing to see the many beautiful shapes and colors of flowers, leaves, and butterfly wings as they change patterns through the mirrors.

I also make custom kaleidoscopes that allow you to collect treasured items and have them made into a very unique keepsake. These have been made for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, in memory of a loved one, retirement, and travel.

My work continues to grow as I love to experiment with new shapes and mirror designs. With the addition of a lovely new kiln, I am adding porcelain painting and ceramic work to my designs.

My studio is in our home, a bit out in the country, where we have cows for neighbors. My happy place is in our gardens where we grow flowers used in my kaleidoscopes. I am married to my beloved Bill who helps me in the business.

Beverly Forester