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A Keepsake Custom Kaleidoscope is created to celebrate life's memorable moments -a birthday, wedding, anniversary, family reunion, graduation, in memory, retirement, special thank you or a once in a life time trip. You will be able to preserve your memories of that special event or person in a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, custom made, work of art. This is a chance to find those little things tucked away in drawers and boxes and make them into a wonderful family heirloom to pass down the stories of your family.

For a Wedding Kaleidoscope you might collect fabric from the wedding gown, flowers from the bouquet or decorations, ribbons, birdseed or rice and little mementoes that tell the funny and endearing events of the day.

Wedding Scope Wedding Scope

Perhaps you would like to honor Grandma and Grandpa with a 50th Anniversary Kaleidoscope. Collect memories from the old home place, leaves form a certain tree, one of his fishing lures, flowers from her garden, pebbles from the fishing hole, pressed flowers from the party, memories from their favorite organizations or trips.

You might want to make a My Favorite Things Kaleidoscope to honor a friend, for a retirement gift, or as a special thank you. Think of all the things that make that person special: funny habits, foods, favorite coffee or tea, hobbies, favorite flowers, awards, things they collect, things that make them laugh. We'll put it all together into something really amazing and memorable.

Favorite Things Scope - Monarch Butterly Wing

A Travel Kaleidoscope is the perfect way to save those treasures from your adventures. Always travel with zip lock baggies and a paperback book made into a flower press. As you travel you can collect flowers, greenery, sand and seashells, soil from a special place, or maybe a pin of a certain lighthouse. The wheels holding your memories are removable. This means that you can add additional wheels to your collection as you travel to different places.

Travel Scope Travel Scope

In Memory Kaleidoscope Some of my most tender work has been done with families who have lost a love one. An In Memory Kaleidoscope is a beautiful way to celebrate a person's life. It gives family members a chance to talk about their memories and collect the items that tell those stories they want to remember always…not only for today but to pass on to other family as the years go by. Go to the Testimony page to read Becky's thoughts about the In Memory Scope we made when her son passed away.

Memory Memory Memory

Designing your Keepsake Kaleidoscope

General Information

Help with your design:

A Keepsake Kaleidoscope is very personal and unique. I will work closely with you through emails or phone calls, to create something truly wonderful.


The body of a Keepsake Kaleidoscope is 11 ½ inches long. There are 2 removable wheels 4 ¼ inches in diameter. Items collected will be placed within these 2 wheels. Flowers, leaves, etc are specially treated and preserved. Items will be set in resin so they can be seen clearly through the mirrors. Each scope is signed by the artist.

Colors of the Kaleidoscope:

The body of the kaleidoscope is triangular in shape and holds three collector quality mirrors. It has a color coordinated glass rod on top. You choose the color and type of glass. It may a favorite color, the colors of the wedding or anniversary or that represents a favorite place, like the Outer Banks, NC pictured above.

Plaque and Gift Card:

A plaque will be placed on the side of the scope that can hold 2 short lines. A gift card is made which tells about the items found in the scope. You can email a picture to be used on the card.

Collecting Items:

As soon as your order is placed, I will be sending you a Collecting Kit. There will be an information sheet that will give you ideas about what to collect. It will also contain a flower press. We will visit many times by email or phone to help you through this process.

Delivery Time:

Your Keepsake Kaleidoscope is custom made just for you. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Mailing items:

Don't mail anything until we have visited by email or phone. Be aware that family heirlooms or other expensive or irreplaceable items will be permanently soldered into the kaleidoscope and cannot be removed. Sand, soil, rice and bird seed should be double bagged separately in zip locked bags to avoid breakage and the possibility of spoiling other items being sent.

Mail to: Keepsake Kaleidoscopes, 14 Pin Oak Lane, Broken Arrow, OK, 74014