For months, I was racking my brain for something unique and beautiful to memorialize my wedding. I finally decided that I wanted a custom-made kaleidoscope. Finding Beverly on the Internet was very easy and working with Beverly was even easier. Beverly gave me suggestions about what to collect from the wedding day that I never would have thought of; such as a piece of the runner, lyrics from the song we danced to, pieces of the champagne glass and much more. The kaleidoscope that Beverly at Keepsake Kaleidoscopes made for me is exquisite. There are very few pieces of art that I have seen that are more beautiful, interesting and personalized. It is evident every time I look through the kaleidoscope; I can tell that it was made with love and dedication. The colors radiant, the memories of my wedding shine through and it is an honor to share it with others.

~ Karen and Eric, Connecticut

Every year, I look for something really unique to get my parents for Christmas. My Dad passed away almost 2 years ago and last year, I decided to have Beverly design a kaleidoscope for my mother in memory of Dad. Dad was retired from the Oklahoma Air National Guard and worked on small airplanes as an inspector and mechanic. Beverly made an airplane shape on the wheel and then we added all those things that reminded us of him. He was always cutting himself while working on airplanes and because he was on a blood thinner, he had a huge supply of band-aids available. Beverly put a band-aid on the wheel because you can see through all those little holes. Everyone who looks through it laughs when they see the band-aid because it truly reminds them of Dad. He was always drinking coffee and always had a white handkerchief in his pocket. So those things were incorporated into the wheel, as well. Beverly placed some of his metals and pictures on the sides of the kaleidoscope. It is a great memento for my mother to hold onto, look through, and feel the closeness to my Dad that she so desires.

~ Debbie Daniels

Wow is all I can say. Kris was blown away!! I don't think she ever imagined in her wildest thoughts what was in that gift. Everything in it meant something very significant to her so it was like presenting her with a history of our relationship. She loved it beyond expression. It invoked exactly the kind of reaction I thought it might. I can't thank you enough for all you had done. It truly is a work of art and a keepsake one can treasure for a lifetime. I too thought it was one of the most beautiful things I have seen and it really told a story. You can tell that you love what you do and you do it with skill and great craftsmanship.

~ Maria, Colorado

My husband and I received our Keepsake Kaleidoscopes as a wedding present and it is by far one of our most cherished & unique possessions. The kaleidoscope is such a treasure & a wonderful way to pay tribute to our wedding.

Beverly incorporated so many special tokens and mementos of our special day. She placed pressed rose petals and violets from my bouquet in the wheels of the kaleidoscope. She included a piece of the beautiful patterned velum from our invitations. There's a ribbon from the favors we gave our guests. The colors of glass echo the pink flowers embroidered on my dress, my husband's blue tie, and the green of the garden where we laughed with family and friends after the ceremony. For an extra romantic touch, Beverly included a sweet, red, heart-shaped glass jewel. Our kaleidoscope is a charming, unique, and elegant work of art that we proudly display in our home.

In the years since our wedding, whenever anyone enters our house for the first time & they see our kaleidoscope, they are fascinated. When we tell them the story that the kaleidoscope represents and point out the little unique details, they are touched & want to know more. Even the guys who normally aren't swayed by romance are intrigued and impressed. I must confess that it's been a long time since anyone asked to see our wedding photos, yet our friends continue to be entranced by our kaleidoscope. It's a great conversation starter, and an even better way to preserve our memories of a very special time in our lives.

~ Mary and Tim, North Carolina

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, it's an heirloom!

~ Dr. G's mother on receiving her Christmas Kaleidoscope

It's exquisite!

~ Charlotte

Beverly's Kaleidoscopes are truly a secret treasure. Each one is unique, incorporating vibrant colors and various shapes. Turning the two dials presents a seemingly unlimited number of different intricate patterns. The one she handcrafted for me incorporates my wedding colors, pressed flowers from the garden where we were married and specially made glass to match my dress. It is a sentimental reminder of a very special day.

~ Shirley I. Oklahoma

Every time I pick up Adam's Kaleidoscope, I see the treasured memories of the things he loved in light and beauty...the piece of his favorite blue shirt, the corduroy he always wore, a lock of his hair, the 1984 dime, the leaf from the fichus plant, the dove feather from the dove many things that tell the special stories of our time together. We made a collage on the bottom of the kaleidoscope that holds the last pictures we had taken together, a page from his favorite book and part of a constant comment tea bag. When I hold these memories in my hands, I feel an instant connection to him. It brings a joy through my sadness. It makes me feel more at peace.

~ Becky K, whose son passed away a year ago

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. The Wedding Kaleidoscope arrived and the kids love it. It is beautiful. You do awesome work. I thank the LORD for your gifting as an artist.

~ Debbi - California

Beverly Forester is a true artist. I had been wondering what to get my husband for our first wedding anniversary. I wanted to make him something unique and specialů nothing seemed to be good enough. Then I visited a friend who lives out of town and within minutes of entering her home I noticed this beautiful work of art displayed on a shelf. I asked her about it, and she told me about Beverly. I was blown away by the intimacy of such a gift, the detail, originality, and attention given to such a gorgeous heirloom. I couldn't believe that something such as this even existed! I immediately knew what my anniversary gift would be. I went home and began gathering items that I'd saved over the years. Things that my husband didn't even know I had. Things from our wedding, honeymoon, and courtship. I added things that meant something only to him and me. I sent them off, and within weeks I received Beverly's beautiful kaleidoscope filled with these cherished items. They were now encased in glass, safe, yet able to be out in the open, displayed, and cherished forever. My husband was in awe of the thought and work of such a beautiful piece. I was in awe of it all, and so grateful to have stumbled upon a little pot of gold in Beverly Forester. We emailed back and forth and she kept me in the loop and involved through the entire process. She made sure that the items that were most important to me were included, and placed where I wished. I'd never met her, and I was going on blind faith that it would turn out as I'd hoped. She exceeded my every expectation, and I can't wait to have her create another one for me! Thank you Beverly for making my first anniversary gift such a memorable one, and one that will allow our family to see those memories inside such a beautiful kaleidoscope for generations to come!

~ Christy H. - California

Our travel kaleidoscope is a delight!

~ Tokyo, Japan

(Angela collected a small item to represent every member of their family which was made into a Favorite Things kaleidoscope for her Mother.) She says: My whole family loved the Kaleidoscope we gave my mother for Christmas. It was a hit! So beautiful! It is one of the most personal and meaningful gifts I have ever given.

~ Angela

The day we lost our beautiful son to the ravages of mental illness and suicide he said goodbye to the mother he loved so dearly and the father he wanted to please. For his mother he picked the dark purple flowers, a symbol of love and hope eternal, which are now forever preserved in his kaleidoscope, just as her love for hm is forever tucked away in her heart. For his dad, he told him how very much he loved him. He will be forever remembered as that beautiful, courageous son running on the beach captured in the photo and preserved with the sand and seashell in the kaleidoscope. Tyler Hudson, our sonshine; our beacon of light. It is only right that we point the kaleidoscope to the light as we treasure again the things you loved. We love you Tyler! We miss you with every moment of our existence!"

~ His Mom and Dad